Several growth markets including India are among the most sought-after global real estate investment destinations, particularly for individuals who are making investments in both affordable and premium properties, such as targeted Multiplex and Malls.

InfiniteREALINFRA can help clients attain approval process for Multiplexes from the local authorities. This includes work under cinema act of the individual states considering that there is a huge demand of Multiplexes.

The InfiniteREALINFRA team has potential for all due diligences in getting through the approval roll. Quality timely delivery and high standard of Project Liaison with value addition in facilities and amenities have become mandatory practices for InfiniteREALINFRA and are looking for sustained growth in the expanding Multiplex approval Market across India.

Riding the economic growth and rising affluence levels that India has been witnessing in the last few years, the India entertainment industry has been growing at a rapid pace.
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