Transaction Management

The primary function of the Transaction Management team is to develop and implement processes and tools which support workflow management; promoting cross training, skill sharing and continuous adoption of best practices into local delivery teams.

Our transaction management approach provides our corporate clients with:

  • Deal Support - Working closely with local Tenant Representation teams, the Transaction Manager initiates each project, sharing account protocols and processes and imparting captured key learning's which results in increased speed to market and internal efficiencies.
  • Best Practices - Leveraging from the regional and global platforms, the Transaction Manager is able to cascade best practice tools, policies and processes to drive continuous process improvement and an innovative approach to your account.
  • Market Trends Analysis - Through analysis of InfiniteREALINFRA's research offerings and local market expertise, the Transaction Manager is able to identify market trends and create proactive portfolio strategies that allow you to minimize risk and focus more time on addressing the needs of your internal stakeholders.
  • Tailored Deliverables - Working with you, the Transaction Manager will develop structured and specific portfolio reporting including; benchmark reporting against market, competitor or industry and an operating report that identifies key market trends and themes and the potential impact on your portfolio.
  • Performance Measurement - Measuring performance on both individual assignments as well as overall satisfaction ensures our clients receive services that consistently meet or exceed defined metrics and expectations. These results are shared with the delivery teams to drive training and development to ensure continuous improvement and enhance performance across your account.
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